Yes Virginia…there IS a Santa Clause!

…and he’s come early this year!!

With CMG’s Home Ownership Accelerator (HOA) being temporarily taken off the market, many financial planners & mortgage planners were/are at a complete loss.  Recently I’ve had conversations with many of our referral partners and have heard comments like the following:

“Finally, we found an investment vehicle worth recommending…now it’s gone!”

“It honestly feels like someone just pulled the rug out from under my clients…I can’t believe the Accelerator is off the market!”


Before I bring Santa into the picture, let’s recap what the Accelerator is & why it’s so powerful:

In a nutshell…  When attacking debt, or building equity, or going to war for that matter…doesn’t it make sense to pull all of your available resources (that may be less productive in their current environment) together to focus on the common goal?  That’s exactly what the Home Ownership Accelerator has been able to do extraordinarily well.  It allows a client to pull their checking account, savings accounts, and mortgage account into one large vehicle that’s proven to be beyond effective.  The majority of all of my clients who are now in the Accelerator are on track to pay their home of in roughly 5 yrs versus their old 30 year mortgage!!  That’s not common though and it just speaks to our clients financial backgrounds.  The nationwide average is having clients payoff in less than 13 yrs…still phenomenal!

– Your income lowers your monthly balance.
– The lower balance saves you interest.
– The saved interest becomes extra principal payment.
– This further lowers your balance, saving more interest.
– This frees up even more money to reduce principal.
– This cycle repeats itself each month, compounding your interest savings
  and accelerating the reduction of your debt.


Sounds great right? Unless you remember reading earlier that HOA is now off the market!  THIS IS WHERE SANTA COMES IN!!! 


We received word a few weeks ago that HOA is temporarily off the market…so what happens to my clients and all of the other clients who were in process?  Santa has come early and he’s brought gifts!!  The biggest gift (everyone wants the biggest present 1st) is called “Ensemble“.  Ensemble acts, feels, and operates just like HOA!!  The best part…the investment is no where near that of the HOA!

In recent weeks, HOA was requiring clients to invest upwards of 5% of the loan amount…that’s correct..5%! Let’s do the math, on a loan amount of $250,000…that’s $12,500 in discount point & origination our clients would need to pay!  Look, I love HOA, but how long will it take an average client to recoup that $12,500 in equity or principle reduction?!?!?

Ensemble, in many cases, requires $0 towards discount/origination & even if it requires 1% – it would STILL save the client $10,000 in closing costs that can now go DIRECTLY towards principle!!

So…why bring Santa into the picture?  Because Ensemble is truly a gift in today’s economy or, at least, how that economy is being perceived.  With this gift, we now have the opportunity to help out clients nationwide be able to…





There’s more to come, but if you would like info faster –  click here – I would love to hear from you!


Josh Perrington |


~ by joshperrington on November 24, 2008.

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